Campbell can trace its beginnings back to 1834, when one of the many companies that eventually became what is today the Campbell® brand began manufacturing harnesses for horses. Over the years, countless products were added, including wire rope and chain fittings, drop-forged chain hardware, high quality tackle blocks, shackles, hooks, and much more. 

Today, Campbell is the best-selling brand of welded and weldless chain in the United States. Users can select from a wide range of working load capacities, including proof coil, high test, transport, and alloy. Many finishes, styles, and materials are also available. Campbell chains and assemblies, including slings for overhead lifting, tie-downs, and binder chains, have earned the brand an outstanding reputation for quality.

Innovation is also a key element of the Campbell philosophy. Grade 100 chain was pioneered and developed by Campbell, resulting in products that featured 25% higher working load limits, manufactured proof tests, and design strengths than Grade 80 chain products. This kind of innovation, combined with unparalleled technical support, expertise, and training, provides Campbell customers with a level of satisfaction unrivaled in the industry